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Have you been trying to manifest your true love with little success? Have you been doing all the manifesting techniques such as visualisation, vision boards and focus wheels yet Mr or Mrs Right is nowhere to be seen? Perhaps you are offering a vibration of resistance which is keeping Mr or Mrs Right from entering your life?

Sometimes we unconsciously resist our desires, not allowing the Law of Attraction to deliver what we want even though we think we are clear about what we want and we are doing everything right. If this is the case, perhaps you need to learn about the art of allowing.

We need to move from a state of resistance to a state of allowing. Your thoughts and emotions may not be in alignment with what you desire. The first step is to recognise this resistance and then move into a state of allowing for you desired life to unfold.

What is resistance?
Let’s look at Sarah who has been unconsciously offering a vibration of resistance. Sarah has been trying to manifest Mr Right. She frequently uses guided meditations and have made vision boards of life with her soulmate.

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So let’s have a look to see if Sarah’s thoughts, emotions and actions are aligned with what she is trying to manifest.

Sarah is 39 and she desperately wants to settle down and get married.
⦁ Sarah always goes out of her way to meet men hoping to get them to love her.
⦁ Sarah has had a string of unsuccessful relationships but is still determined to keep trying.
⦁ Sarah goes out every Saturday night hoping that she will meet that special someone.
⦁ Sarah joined various groups in hope of meeting someone who will be interested in her.
⦁ Sarah flirts with any opportunity with single men at work.
⦁ Sarah often encourages her friends to match her up with a potential husband.
⦁ Sarah constantly thinks about how much she would love to get married.
⦁ Sarah frequently talks to her friends about her feelings of disappointment of reaching 40 and still not being married. Sarah frequently writes these thoughts in her journal before bed at night.

Let’s look at the resistance in this scenario.
⦁ What do you think Sarah is thinking when she approaches men while sending out the message that she is single and available?
⦁ Does Sarah have a positive joyful attitude about dating?
⦁ Is Sarah thinking about how much she loves and appreciates life? Is Sarah showing men how happy and wonderful, desirable and lovable she is? In fact, if Sarah did have this mindset there would be potential husbands queuing up to marry her.
⦁ Deep down Sarah’s actions doesn’t feel good to her. She doesn’t enjoy pushing herself on men, but Sarah feels that she has to take this action if she wants to get married. If we have negative or discouraging thoughts around a particular subject, we are not allowing the law of attraction to bring us the desired outcome.
⦁ Let’s have a look at Sarah’s emotions in relation to her desired relationship. She feels anxious about entering her 40’s without being married worrying what others may think of her. She also fears not having any children and growing old alone. When Sarah is on a date, she fears that the person will find her unattractive and worries he fears commitment just like the other men she has dated.
⦁ Such thoughts make Sarah feel bad, unwanted and unlovable which results in her becoming a vibrational match to more of which makes her feel bad reinforcing her belief that she is unwanted and unlovable. The law of attraction responds to our thoughts and emotions and we attract more of the same.

What could Sarah be doing that is not helping the situation?
⦁ Talking with her friends about her disappointing encounters with men.
⦁ Focusing on what she didn’t appreciate in her relationships.
⦁ Writing about her disappointment in her journal before bed.
⦁ Thinking about how she will never find true love.
⦁ Thinking about how others will view and judge her if she doesn’t get married.

These are all resistant behaviours which interfere with the manifesting process. Focusing on the lack of a relationship keeps you stuck in that place. Lack attracts lack. Like attracts like.

Like us all, Sarah is not deliberately resisting a relationship but from a law of attraction manifesting perspective, she is resisting nonetheless.

Moving from resistance to allowing
To enable our desires to flow into our life, we must first recognise what resistance we maybe offering. These resisting thoughts could have been in your life for sometime therefore it maybe difficult at first to change your behaviour and your way of thinking.

You don’t need to keep trying to turn the negative thoughts into positive thoughts as this may feel a struggle. The Universe already knows what you want, so your job is to trust that the Universe will bring you your desire at the perfect time but you must stay out of your own way.

When you find yourself thinking negative thoughts about the lack of love in your life and your still telling the story of how unlucky in love you have been, focus your attention on something else. Tell a different story. Focus on anything that makes you feel good, focus on everything you appreciate already in your life.

Mr or Mrs Right will flow easier to you if you’re in a state of allowing and ready to receive if you focus more on what feels good. This will help you move into a state of allowing.

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